Classic WoW

I was standing in Nethergarde Keep today and just sort of marveling what it would have been like to play this game in 2004 instead of Lineage 2.  I mean, WoW is clearly much, MUCH bigger.

In Lineage 2 during the same time, everything really revolved around a town and a zone.  The starter zones for orcs, dwarves, light elves, dark elves, and humans.  Then you move into the towns of Giran and Gludin.  Then off to Dion, Giran, and I think Oren was reachable on release.  There were no, sub-towns like WoW.   There were towns, and zones around the town.

WoW has the capital cities by race plus lots and LOTS of sub-town areas like Nethergarde Keep, Goldshire, Darkshire, Booty Ball, Lakesire, and on and on.

L2 zones were all more or less the same.  Plains areas, a few forests around Oren.  Wow has plains, deserts, flats, islands, jungles, dead zones, volcanoes, craters, swamps, you name it.  Npcs that do more than just stand there.

I had a lot of fun in L2, related to people I met, but man playing WoW instead back in the day would have really been something.

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