I put almost all points in shadow but I do miss healing.  I did a ZF group last night and we had a druid healer, but the tank would get frightfully low on hp so I would toss some shields.  Then on the gauntlet event, the healer died.  I was NOT doing that again so I dropped shadowform and kept the tank up.  The healer asked for a rez during combat and when I had no mana, so their awareness wasn’t very good.  But we got through everything even though I had to drop shadowform to heal a second time, and I got a blue neck piece and staff!

I then went and learned basically all my heals in case that happens again.  It’s too bad you don’t get another bar when you turn shadow; I can’t just flip bars like druids can.  I forgot so much skills cost to learn.  I had around 40g and had 11 at the end of that.  Whoops.  Good thing my mage can make gold fairly easily.

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