So much Winning.

I’m not quite 120 yet but I’m getting a little frustrated with the Alliance side of things, as well as some of the Horde stuff. So far we had the Horde completely destroy Teldrassil and basically that entire god damn island.  It’s gone, the whole thing, not only the tree but the rest of it as well.  They also took Lor’danel, which was another little town I use to defend from Horde all the time.

In another cut scene several Alliance ships were chasing a horde ship with some damn Loa priestess on it who calls a Loa dinosaur to push their ship along and then 100 or whatever horde ships show up and destroy ALL the alliance ships.  I think all, anyway, maybe one got away.

Then WE head to the Ruins of Lordaeron to get Sylvannas, but she makes us look like an  idiot over and over, once when she dumps the poison all over the place and we get totally fucked, then another time when we DON’T for some reason, blast her immediately in the face with several arrows, she lol’s and nearly kills everyone by destroying the building.  WTF, seriously?  You know she destroyed the WORLD TREE and killed probably 900+ Alliance right?  You don’t talk to crazy, YOU FUCKING SHOOT IT IN THE FUCKING FACE.  Oh there’s Sylvannas, SHOOT HER.

I’m out in Windshorn hills right now where Horde carpet-bombed the town and is running around killing everyone.  So much winning right Alliance?