Strike a Pose

Well, new expansion and a lot to get caught up on.

First off, I ran into this expansions “nooooooope” mob, this guy:


This picture doesn’t do it justice.  In-game he’s shaking his head back and forth slightly, very very quickly, it’s creepy as hell.  It’s right up there with the mist lurker guys in MoP and the multi draenai headed dog-thing in Legion.  A big old pile of nope the hell out.

Besides that, a lot of extra poses and animations were added in game, from taking notes:


to carrying a falcon


standing with helm at their side…



to walking very much drunk (staggering about instead of running normal but a ‘visual haze and zig-zagging’), holding out an amulet, crossing arms and leaning against things, sprawling on stairs, and being tied with arms behind the back, struggling to get free.  Oh  yes way  back in Cata we had prisoners that walked with their hands behind them but now it’s the person randomly struggling as well.  It’s very interesting seem the game come alive in more ways.