Bleeds and AOE

I beat the Agatha encounter last night, in 7 attempts total.  Much easier than frost mage.  One thing I noticed in particular though, feral bleeds actually feel like something now.  Before you could keep Rake up on someone, 5 combo into Rip and it barely did anything.  Now you can easily apply bleeds on a mob at low health and run off, confident it will actually DIE.  On top of that we don’t feel anywhere near as energy starved.  I could use Thrash and Brutal Slash (aoe) with my regular bleeds with nowhere near as much focus loss as before.  In WoD feral WAS strong but you had no focus what felt like, all the time.  I used Tigers Fury on CD and still needed it more.  It doesn’t feel like that at all now.

Definitely going to play this and resto into BfA.


Funny enough though, the skin I really wanted, needs PVE challenges on another skin tier.  The one this earned me was the glowy cats.

But I did it with about a week to spare!