Boxing bot trains


First, went back to my favorite robe transmog, just with slightly different shoulders.  The one-shoulder archer look doesn’t pan-out as a gnome.


Then the other thing.  Bots.  I did a Gilneas today where FOUR people went to LH and just ran around in circles.  I just afk’d out of that.  Then on Thunderhorn, this guy runs around botting, what we called in Lineage 2 a “bot train”




We called this a bot train because one person (the DK) is obviously piloting and the pile of characters behind him choo-choo like a train anywhere he goes.  I know Blizzard calls it multiboxing but that’s botting. BOTTING.


I mean if THAT is ok, when that person is very obviously NOT playing all 8 or whatever characters, why isn’t it ok to have 1 character entirely piloted?  Tell me why.  I understand they use something to make for instance, the E key do Death Grip on the DK, but PW Shield on the DK for the priest, or assist with Frostbolt on the mage, but that’s still bullshit.

And no, he didn’t kill me.  He was that bad.

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