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Trial of Style

I need to check my in-game calendar more often.  Kady told me about the Trial of Style event and oh man!  You queue for a scenario at a transmog dude, then go in with several other people.  You are given a category and dress up for it.


I had the worst time getting 1st place as leather, but cloth was easiest.

Overall a fun cute event, even if most people have absolutely no taste in clothing, at all.  During one scenario three people queued up totally naked, and two of them won that way.  Lame.

Steampunk Food Buff

Apparently eating whatever someone put down tonight puts you into steampunk or, ‘Gilneas’ clothing. wowscrnshot_112116_214327

For the 12 year anniversary, you get a WoW tabard too.


We’ve been doing the Emerald Nightmare with Krienn leading and people from Stormpike Militia, and it’s been going pretty well.  I forgot I liked raiding after that nightmare that was raiding with Post Mortem during the last few raid leaders.

I will subscribe to your newsletter, Verstok

I decided to open up my druid clan hall, and after some thought, I will make feral my main and level the weapons as feral.  There just seems to be a ridiculous glut of healers lately, everywhere.

That also led me to do the quest as feral, which was interesting.  It opens with a druid, Verstok, stealing the daggers right in front of the demons face, telling me to piss right off, and running away.  It was fabulous. wowscrnshot_090916_091238


He gave me a whooping, while yelling “I’ll never submit!” (so cute) , but I guess forgot about all his heals, because when I came back he was still at 30% health and I finished him off.



Then you fight this thing, which was much easier.




I got the fangs of Ashamane, but man, does it cost A LOT to transmog weapons now.  Like 300g just for weapons, and if you do a full transmog, which I tend to do, it’s like 500g.  Not all of us are at gold cap, Blizz.  Why make it so easy to arrange and swap transmogs, but so wickedly expensive?


Oh my, the transmogs!


The quest gear is the same in all the regions, but this set is noteworthy to me that I 1) like it  and 2) several of the recolors I like.  This one especially, I think I’ll wear it now.  Just not the helm, probably going to wear the halo again.