Raid Mechanics

Last week I did Uldir normal with my guild, Erratic, as feral.  I complained about feral already but this raid got me thinking about mechanics.

I’ve raided from ICC until ToT, including some heroic progression before mythics were even a thing.  I can only think of a few mechanics I absolutely hated and this raid seems to be full of them.

The first one, which is probably number one with just about everyone, is the vehicle fights.  Amber Shaper for example, one random person gets picked to go in the Amber monster thing and control it to do something so important if  you don’t do it right, you wipe the raid.  And you get something like 10 seconds to figure it out.  Not even remotely pleasant and most of us just crossed our fingers and hoped we wouldn’t have to do it and get a kill and move on.  Haven’t seen it in Uldir yet though.

Watching stacks of a buff or a debuff.  Nevermind how such a thing is actually possible, but fights where you have to watch your stacks and then do something. Baleroc had one where the healers had to watch stacks of something and swap off because building the stacks was the only thing that would let you heal hard enough to keep your tank up.  So do it wrong and you lose.  Or Majordomo, at one point you’re grouped up and if your stacks hit a certain value, you had to run out of the group BEFORE your exploded.  Do it wrong and you kill the group.   I swear at least 2 fights had that junk.

And of course “group up” and “spread apart” or “join up with one specific person” or “run away from that person”.   Blood Queen Lanathel in ICC was one like this, if she bit you, you had X amount of time to bite someone who wasn’t already bitten or you got permanently mind controlled and ran around killing your raid. A few other fights had things like a line connecting you and someone else, and you either had to group up with them to bust it, or run away from them to bust it.  Neither were that much of a problem but when you’re in the thick of things and you can’t stand next to so in so because of whatever, it’s frustrating.

I really don’t think running feral is going to work for me in raid either.  Babysitting a difficult rotation while watching all that other stuff, is more than I can handle.

Frost Mage Challenge, I’m done

I had something like 30 wipes and people have said it’s taken 50 or more.  You know something?  It’s not worth it.  Also, do you wanna know why it takes that many attempts? RNG.  I can get to the last phase no problem but when Raest spawns the runes on a purple circle (which slows you) or on top on mobs over and over, it’s not my skill that’s a problem, it’s the fucking encounter.  FUCK IT. I mean how the fuck am I going to stand on a rune in THIS SITUATION?


Or how do I kite Karam, the mobs, and attack and interrupt a hand with all this shit on the ground?


Plus beyond that, it’s buggy because Karam will start to just run through obstacles and floors, like he does here:


I’ve gotten Karam down to 10 and even 6% but to hell with it.  I do not feel like wiping 100x on the off chance that I get a ‘lucky’ encounter where the mobs are in one location and the rune isn’t under them or on a circle.

Making things better

I’ve noticed a few things that have been made better, quality of life type changes.  The quest where you have to boost the fighters around the Drowned Gardens, now lets you boost fighters that were already boosted by someone else.  Before if they had the buff from someone else, yours didn’t ‘count’.  That could get annoying, standing around an npc checking for the buff and when it was going to expire, 2 minutes at a time.

I finally got my first legendary, some 250+ world quests in.


They also included a 15 minute buff called Body and Soul (like the priest buff but longer) for the priest hall.  Now you can run around fast for much longer, yay!


Oh and I’ve been raiding with SPM (Stormpike Militia) and we’ve been doing quite well!  I enjoy raiding.  Apparently the team team in Time Lords all left to create a raiding guild.  I don’t understand why they had to leave to do that, but whatever.

We got the last boss to 7%, but it got late and we kept wiping. I’m sure we can start heroics soon enough though.

The druid quests have been rather epic, I love that big blue bear.  It’s uh, Ursoc, or something important!


Then this was Ashamane, after all the feral weapon is called that.


This game really is pretty, by the way.

Steampunk Food Buff

Apparently eating whatever someone put down tonight puts you into steampunk or, ‘Gilneas’ clothing. wowscrnshot_112116_214327

For the 12 year anniversary, you get a WoW tabard too.


We’ve been doing the Emerald Nightmare with Krienn leading and people from Stormpike Militia, and it’s been going pretty well.  I forgot I liked raiding after that nightmare that was raiding with Post Mortem during the last few raid leaders.


Angeycakes got me hooked up with the raid group that his/her guild was doing last night. WoWScrnShot_081816_210736

Spicecakes was there too, and although Angey said she’s ok, I still found her grating.  There was a lot of what I remembered back in the DS raid like “tee hee, I haven’t played for a year, I’m not set up, I don’t know what I’m doing, can you repeat that” and so on.



We only wiped a few times.





and now I has my moosie!!