Making things better

I’ve noticed a few things that have been made better, quality of life type changes.  The quest where you have to boost the fighters around the Drowned Gardens, now lets you boost fighters that were already boosted by someone else.  Before if they had the buff from someone else, yours didn’t ‘count’.  That could get annoying, standing around an npc checking for the buff and when it was going to expire, 2 minutes at a time.

I finally got my first legendary, some 250+ world quests in.


They also included a 15 minute buff called Body and Soul (like the priest buff but longer) for the priest hall.  Now you can run around fast for much longer, yay!


Oh and I’ve been raiding with SPM (Stormpike Militia) and we’ve been doing quite well!  I enjoy raiding.  Apparently the team team in Time Lords all left to create a raiding guild.  I don’t understand why they had to leave to do that, but whatever.

We got the last boss to 7%, but it got late and we kept wiping. I’m sure we can start heroics soon enough though.

The druid quests have been rather epic, I love that big blue bear.  It’s uh, Ursoc, or something important!


Then this was Ashamane, after all the feral weapon is called that.


This game really is pretty, by the way.

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