I will subscribe to your newsletter, Verstok

I decided to open up my druid clan hall, and after some thought, I will make feral my main and level the weapons as feral.  There just seems to be a ridiculous glut of healers lately, everywhere.

That also led me to do the quest as feral, which was interesting.  It opens with a druid, Verstok, stealing the daggers right in front of the demons face, telling me to piss right off, and running away.  It was fabulous. wowscrnshot_090916_091238


He gave me a whooping, while yelling “I’ll never submit!” (so cute) , but I guess forgot about all his heals, because when I came back he was still at 30% health and I finished him off.



Then you fight this thing, which was much easier.




I got the fangs of Ashamane, but man, does it cost A LOT to transmog weapons now.  Like 300g just for weapons, and if you do a full transmog, which I tend to do, it’s like 500g.  Not all of us are at gold cap, Blizz.  Why make it so easy to arrange and swap transmogs, but so wickedly expensive?


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