Taking Away Things We Had

I already griped to a GM about how weapon transmog enchants were taken away.  If you had the enchanting hut in Draenor leveled up, you could transmog all the enchants for some dust.  Well they locked all that and you have to earn it again.  I was pretty mad, I mean I EARNED it once already, and now I have to earn it again?


I literally made them say it, I had to open the ticket at least twice.

Now I find out, that druids have to earn their fur colors and looks.  You use to be able to change it by switching your hair color.  I didn’t really care because I think the female Nelf hairstyles are across the board ugly, so I always wear a helm on mine.  But now, guess what. You have to earn the different colors and looks.  Ugh.   So something we had…. yep.

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