Going to move off Bleeding Hollow

I moved to Bleeding Hollow mostly because of Deacon, but I found a few of the members agreeable and thought it would work.  Deaznuts was kind of… shouty, but not enough to bother me.  Vulgarde was another I got along with.  There were a few others but I can’t recall names.  But good gosh Danish was annoying.  He’d ask people to start a party, form up halfway, go afk for 10 minutes, then decide to do something else and drop the group.  I can’t stand that.  Most of the people ran their mouth constantly in Mumble about absolutely NOTHING.

I’ve been just straight up irritated with them for acting like children.  Stuff like:

Guy: Isn’t anyone going to say grats, QQ?

Me: I just logged in, about what?

Guy: (links a recipe)

Me: Ok and?

Guy: It gives a speed boost

Me: Wow food gives buffs, more news at 10




Whoever: LOL, so sad, it took 3 of them to kill me, a disc priest

Me: Yeah who wold have thought you can’t solo a healer, weird.


I mean this is a freaking pvp guild, stop being stupid.

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