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Dictionary, Much?

I had this dumb conversation in trade today.  This person is basically describing shameless behavior, like being ‘gear grabby’ but then labeling it with other words.


It’s like ok, use it in a sentence.  “Ocyla was totally shameless, and took ALL the gear, what a hussy!”.  That makes sense, right?  Or “Ocyla was polite and passed gear to someone else who needed it, so shameless”.  Nope, that doesn’t make sense.  Words mean things people.

People Hate Mages?

I know I joke that I hate mages, but only because most of them are elitist pricks or obnoxious baddies.  But man, it’s been something else in dungeons.  In addition to the End Time mess, I had a druid rage at me long and hard, after a kick from the dungeon (just to prove a point I guess, the dungeon was over) all because I popped time warp on a non-boss on accident.  I’ve only done VH a few times and it was taking so long to die I assumed it was a boss or a mini boss.  That set up THIS whole thing…


It’s like wow, really?


Then in another dungeon, when I was using Cinderstorm because I found it easier to use when tanks are chain pulling and never stopping for a second (making Meteor impossible to use) I got this little bit of advice:



It’s like why do you even care what I’m using, I’m top dps in a dungeon, this isn’t even heroic much less mythic or a raid.  The unwanted comments and advice is just so weird since I never get that on any other character.


The real irony was when a shaman popped hero on absolutely NOTHING after a boss (not even on trash) and no one said a damn thing.  Not a THING.  So weird.

Laughed myself silly

The other night I decided to do some dungeons, time-walking dungeons, on my fire mage.  We get End Time, which I like.

We get the Jaina version of it and everyone scatters to get the pieces.  Then the tank pulls the boss.  Without clearing any of the trash.  You can get away with clearing only 2 groups if I remember right, but it’s a must because Jaina ports all over and the trash paths.

Needless to say the healer nor the tank could keep up and I ended up dying and running back 4x.  After the 4th death I popped Time Warp on my way back in because fuck this noise right?  Tank says “wtf, why did you hero?”  GEE I DUNNO because I died 4x!?

As we moved into the bronze section he commented ‘don’t you dare touch that hour glass’ and I said ‘and if I do?’

As fate would have it, the group was sick of his crap and although they were not vocal, they touched the hourglass repeatedly all at the wrong times.  I lmao at that, because the tank was raging after the group attempted to kick him during the Murazond fight.

GOOD.  Ha.

Dungeons have been horrible

I don’t know why I even pug dungeons, really.  I don’t think a single one has gone by without someone being insulting.   Halls of Valor, the paladin tank was repeatedly pulling, dropping aggro, then running ahead and doing nothing.  I lost the warlock during one pull.  I rezzed him and I use the macro “Take your medicine!” which is from Ana in Overwatch when she heals.  This is what I got:




That’s all I said that entire dungeon.  Then at the end, when no one else died, I got this:



The tank defended me, at least.



They left without explaining but I couldn’t let it go.




Then tonight I ran Blackheart Thicket, with a so-so warrior tank who took a significant amount of damage, who afk’d several times to the point the dps asked about it.  Then he would randomly leap off and pull a whole mess while not stopping at all and had the nerve to start this whole crap:



The dumb ass rogue chiming in, who died on the second to the last fight by standing in the floor junk too long.   Then I get shit about how I didn’t need to cast while the tank was running and taking copious amounts of damage.  Eat shit random dungeon people, seriously.

Going to move off Bleeding Hollow

I moved to Bleeding Hollow mostly because of Deacon, but I found a few of the members agreeable and thought it would work.  Deaznuts was kind of… shouty, but not enough to bother me.  Vulgarde was another I got along with.  There were a few others but I can’t recall names.  But good gosh Danish was annoying.  He’d ask people to start a party, form up halfway, go afk for 10 minutes, then decide to do something else and drop the group.  I can’t stand that.  Most of the people ran their mouth constantly in Mumble about absolutely NOTHING.

I’ve been just straight up irritated with them for acting like children.  Stuff like:

Guy: Isn’t anyone going to say grats, QQ?

Me: I just logged in, about what?

Guy: (links a recipe)

Me: Ok and?

Guy: It gives a speed boost

Me: Wow food gives buffs, more news at 10




Whoever: LOL, so sad, it took 3 of them to kill me, a disc priest

Me: Yeah who wold have thought you can’t solo a healer, weird.


I mean this is a freaking pvp guild, stop being stupid.