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People Hate Mages?

I know I joke that I hate mages, but only because most of them are elitist pricks or obnoxious baddies.  But man, it’s been something else in dungeons.  In addition to the End Time mess, I had a druid rage at me long and hard, after a kick from the dungeon (just to prove a point I guess, the dungeon was over) all because I popped time warp on a non-boss on accident.  I’ve only done VH a few times and it was taking so long to die I assumed it was a boss or a mini boss.  That set up THIS whole thing…


It’s like wow, really?


Then in another dungeon, when I was using Cinderstorm because I found it easier to use when tanks are chain pulling and never stopping for a second (making Meteor impossible to use) I got this little bit of advice:



It’s like why do you even care what I’m using, I’m top dps in a dungeon, this isn’t even heroic much less mythic or a raid.  The unwanted comments and advice is just so weird since I never get that on any other character.


The real irony was when a shaman popped hero on absolutely NOTHING after a boss (not even on trash) and no one said a damn thing.  Not a THING.  So weird.

Dungeons have been horrible

I don’t know why I even pug dungeons, really.  I don’t think a single one has gone by without someone being insulting.   Halls of Valor, the paladin tank was repeatedly pulling, dropping aggro, then running ahead and doing nothing.  I lost the warlock during one pull.  I rezzed him and I use the macro “Take your medicine!” which is from Ana in Overwatch when she heals.  This is what I got:




That’s all I said that entire dungeon.  Then at the end, when no one else died, I got this:



The tank defended me, at least.



They left without explaining but I couldn’t let it go.




Then tonight I ran Blackheart Thicket, with a so-so warrior tank who took a significant amount of damage, who afk’d several times to the point the dps asked about it.  Then he would randomly leap off and pull a whole mess while not stopping at all and had the nerve to start this whole crap:



The dumb ass rogue chiming in, who died on the second to the last fight by standing in the floor junk too long.   Then I get shit about how I didn’t need to cast while the tank was running and taking copious amounts of damage.  Eat shit random dungeon people, seriously.

Princess Tank

Tank dies because his healer is AFK.  Decides to insult the group.  I don’t put up with that crap.


But.   You’ve been kicked from the group. Then…



Usually it’s the healers that are the princesses, but not always.


Toying Around

I queue up a dungeon for the inn quests, but there is a satchel offered, so I take it.  I get Heroic Bloodmaul Slag Mines.  I phase in mid-pull and the tank, a DK, is A BEAST.  He’s pulling non stop but, super easy to heal and without even looking I assume he’s a mythic raider.  I was tempted to compliment him but… just held off.  Turns out that was a good idea. Plus he had “qt” in the name, so, you know.

The mage asks if we can do Croman.  The DK says some insulting things including “don’t want to carry your s*** a**”. and “do that s**** with your guild”  Then he and his paladin friend say they want to kick the mage.



We ask why.  “that way we don’t have to pay a repair bill?” the paladin replies.  Oh great.

The DK is pulling non stop, and tells us he wants to die on purpose.  But he’s easy to heal and even chain pulling we do fine.

Then we get to the second boss.  The DK decides he can’t die by chain pulling so, pulls the boss, and halfway through run out of the room and just stands there.  During this, the paladin randomly decides to attack me.  “Coq, this is my 6th 100 and I have better gear than you, you’re bad” and the DK  lol’s in agreement.  What that had to do with anything I don’t know.  I ran my first WoD raid this past Thursday.



At any rate without a tank people slowly drop and we wipe.  The DK and the paladin ditch.

We finish with a new tank, and I end with no satchel.  Sigh.