Dungeons have been horrible

I don’t know why I even pug dungeons, really.  I don’t think a single one has gone by without someone being insulting.   Halls of Valor, the paladin tank was repeatedly pulling, dropping aggro, then running ahead and doing nothing.  I lost the warlock during one pull.  I rezzed him and I use the macro “Take your medicine!” which is from Ana in Overwatch when she heals.  This is what I got:




That’s all I said that entire dungeon.  Then at the end, when no one else died, I got this:



The tank defended me, at least.



They left without explaining but I couldn’t let it go.




Then tonight I ran Blackheart Thicket, with a so-so warrior tank who took a significant amount of damage, who afk’d several times to the point the dps asked about it.  Then he would randomly leap off and pull a whole mess while not stopping at all and had the nerve to start this whole crap:



The dumb ass rogue chiming in, who died on the second to the last fight by standing in the floor junk too long.   Then I get shit about how I didn’t need to cast while the tank was running and taking copious amounts of damage.  Eat shit random dungeon people, seriously.

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