Mei’s Winter Skin

There’s something of a stinky-bink going on about Mei’s 3,000 legendary winter skin.

mei-rry classicmei

As can be seen, it’s literally a red and green recolor of her BASE SKIN.  With a hat, and a bow for the buh-bomb.  Her ice block also turns her into a snowman with a hat.  But otherwise it’s a 75 coin recolor.  Possibly 250 because of the hat and snowman.  Since it’s a holiday item it would rightfully be boosted to 750 coins, which I think is fair. It’s not a legendary clearly, but 1,000 would still be an acceptable price, but by no means should it be 3,000.

THIS is a base 1,000 skin.


Notice how it’s new, everything.  New boots, new jacket, snow goggles, hat, gloves.  Everything is new.  That’s what a legendary should be.


Now, of course, not all legendaries are made equal.   Hanzo’s wolf for instance, is incredible. I can’t play him for shit but I bought it anyway. Totally different from the base skin on the left.

classichanzo legendhanzo

Additionally, his ult line changes because his ult changes from two dragons to two wolves.  So new skin, new lines, new ultimate.  His Halloween skin was cool, but really not a huge departure from his base skin, so why wasn’t there a huge thing for that?

I think Mei’s outrage was from a few things.  In the case of most of the other heros, they have several different outfits, not just recolors.  If we look at Mercy, she has the base skin, the devil/imp skin, the Valkyrie skins.  That was before anything else came out, so 3 unique skins.  Then she got the Swiss summer skin, which was a recolor but a touch above a base recolor at the 250 recolor range.  Then she got Witch Mercy, which was incredible with just being crazy sexy, AND a granted wish to get the costume from the postcard, AND she got the Halloween Junkenstein event lines “My servants NEVER die!” in addition to a few random lines like “someone called for a witch” instead of “called for a doctor” and so on.  And her weapon is a broom, it’s awesome.


Another example is Reinhardt, who has the base skins, the 250 recolors,  the helmet-less skins, the legendary skins, the Crusader skins (which are incredible), and a Halloween skin.


Then we look at poor Mei.  She has her base skins, the 250 base skin recolors, and 2 legendaries.  Basically 2 unique skins.   TWO. No summer skins, no Halloween skins.  Her legendary does not change her ult, wall, or freeze.  No new skins from LAUNCH.


That’s why the xmas skin, even with the snowman, is a bit of a slap.  She’s still more or less at 2 skins.  TWO!!!


Symmetra is somewhat in the same boat in that her legendary skins don’t really “do” anything  But, she got a skin for Halloween and she has the base skin, the “India” skins (I don’t know what else to call them), and the architect skins. 3 unique skins, 3.5 if you consider the halloween one was a pretty decent recolor.


With Mei at 2 plus a hat/snowman.  A perfect storm adding in a legendary holiday price tag.  If it went to 750, this would probably have blown right over, with a sprinkle hint of a completely new skin for the Chinese New Year.  I know red is lucky, but I want a blue and white sparkling cheongsam dress with white fur trim, a wand instead of a gun, and new reloading animations to account for the wand totally not being a gun.  So there.


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