People Hate Mages?

I know I joke that I hate mages, but only because most of them are elitist pricks or obnoxious baddies.  But man, it’s been something else in dungeons.  In addition to the End Time mess, I had a druid rage at me long and hard, after a kick from the dungeon (just to prove a point I guess, the dungeon was over) all because I popped time warp on a non-boss on accident.  I’ve only done VH a few times and it was taking so long to die I assumed it was a boss or a mini boss.  That set up THIS whole thing…


It’s like wow, really?


Then in another dungeon, when I was using Cinderstorm because I found it easier to use when tanks are chain pulling and never stopping for a second (making Meteor impossible to use) I got this little bit of advice:



It’s like why do you even care what I’m using, I’m top dps in a dungeon, this isn’t even heroic much less mythic or a raid.  The unwanted comments and advice is just so weird since I never get that on any other character.


The real irony was when a shaman popped hero on absolutely NOTHING after a boss (not even on trash) and no one said a damn thing.  Not a THING.  So weird.

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