Toying Around

I queue up a dungeon for the inn quests, but there is a satchel offered, so I take it.  I get Heroic Bloodmaul Slag Mines.  I phase in mid-pull and the tank, a DK, is A BEAST.  He’s pulling non stop but, super easy to heal and without even looking I assume he’s a mythic raider.  I was tempted to compliment him but… just held off.  Turns out that was a good idea. Plus he had “qt” in the name, so, you know.

The mage asks if we can do Croman.  The DK says some insulting things including “don’t want to carry your s*** a**”. and “do that s**** with your guild”  Then he and his paladin friend say they want to kick the mage.



We ask why.  “that way we don’t have to pay a repair bill?” the paladin replies.  Oh great.

The DK is pulling non stop, and tells us he wants to die on purpose.  But he’s easy to heal and even chain pulling we do fine.

Then we get to the second boss.  The DK decides he can’t die by chain pulling so, pulls the boss, and halfway through run out of the room and just stands there.  During this, the paladin randomly decides to attack me.  “Coq, this is my 6th 100 and I have better gear than you, you’re bad” and the DK  lol’s in agreement.  What that had to do with anything I don’t know.  I ran my first WoD raid this past Thursday.



At any rate without a tank people slowly drop and we wipe.  The DK and the paladin ditch.

We finish with a new tank, and I end with no satchel.  Sigh.

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