Laughed myself silly

The other night I decided to do some dungeons, time-walking dungeons, on my fire mage.  We get End Time, which I like.

We get the Jaina version of it and everyone scatters to get the pieces.  Then the tank pulls the boss.  Without clearing any of the trash.  You can get away with clearing only 2 groups if I remember right, but it’s a must because Jaina ports all over and the trash paths.

Needless to say the healer nor the tank could keep up and I ended up dying and running back 4x.  After the 4th death I popped Time Warp on my way back in because fuck this noise right?  Tank says “wtf, why did you hero?”  GEE I DUNNO because I died 4x!?

As we moved into the bronze section he commented ‘don’t you dare touch that hour glass’ and I said ‘and if I do?’

As fate would have it, the group was sick of his crap and although they were not vocal, they touched the hourglass repeatedly all at the wrong times.  I lmao at that, because the tank was raging after the group attempted to kick him during the Murazond fight.

GOOD.  Ha.

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