What? He’s gonna what? With what?

Got my CP cap for the week so decided to go feral and do some world defense again. Killed a mage around Ironforge and Kharanos, then moved out to Amberpine Lodge, where I fought this warrior named Nagushi-Thrall (Drwatson).  I forgot I had sold my cloak, and upon repurchasing, hadn’t put a glider kit on it, so after he kept taking off with the glider to avoid a death, I followed.  Only, I didn’t have a glider.

I fell to my death and came back to my body with him teabagging me.  “Enraged” I rezzed but took another death being not at all prepared. Whoops.

Got the glider situation fixed however AND THEN





Then he returned with a DK, I jumped him to start then the warrior showed up.  Got the DK low, typhooned the warrior off the edge, then finished the DK.  Killed the DK a second time a bit later while the warrior watched (I found out they are roommates) and then almost got the warrior again (he runs on CD).  Then he btagged me, but was pretty cool.



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