They turned Wintergrasp into a queue-able battleground and WOW.  I haven’t seen this much activity even back when it was new! Lines of vehicles everywhere, people getting chased down by catapults, 12 sieges and demos rolling towards the towers, just amazing!

It’s a good time all around.  Now that being said, I do believe that defending is way easier than attacking right now.  I played 3, won 2, and the loss was attacking and the 2 wins defending.  I have some thoughts about that.

Defenders, just have it easier.  You can spare maybe 4 vehicles to go get the towers and break them down in relatively short order, making the game end quicker.  The rest of your vehicles can be helping ALL THE OTHER players who are in the turrets on the keep, on the ground assisting you, and absolutely wreck both the players and the vehicles coming in.  So let’s count that, defenders have the keep turrets, the RPG GGs, any vehicles they have (catapults are SCARY anti-personnel vehicles right now!), and any players in ideal situations around the keep.  As a solo player you can stand on the keep ledges if ranged, you can stay near the keep walls and teleport instantly back in, etc.

As the attackers you… you can get vehicles.  And uh, that’s it.  You have to send way more than 4 people to defend your towers since there are 3 and 1 player has a hard time taking out 1 vehicle.  So let’s say 3 players per vehicle.  If the other team is rolling 12 sieges, like my loss game was doing, you need probably at least 30 people to go take care of that.  That leaves 10 people to go beat up the keep, and you’re facing all the defense I just talked about.

Now let’s say you are on the attack, and  defending your towers, you have all the rings and temples and workshops and have 16 vehicles. I think that’s the max.  You send all 16 to batter down the keep walls.  The defenders can abandon breaking down your towers no problem, and rush to deal with you with all the resources they have.  Let’s just list, IMO of course, what side has what to be clear.


  1. Turrets on the keep
  2. Attacking from the walls
  3. Easy port back into the keep for safety
  4. RPG GG (two shot vehicles)
  5. Easily defend-able choke point assuming the other side only opens one wall
  6. The leisure to abandon tower breaking at any time for keep defense


  1. uh.  the same vehicles defenders can get?
  2. ?????


I really don’t know how the attackers can win very easily.  They are pretty much forced to be spread out, with the ease of getting vehicles both sides that I’ve seen have pretty equal amounts, but attackers need to defend 3 towers spread across the south part of the map, while also making a HUGE push to the keep, against massive defenses.  Attackers have to get down the turrets, defend against the other sides vehicles, protect their own vehicles against players as well, while also trying to break down walls where you are basically immobile while doing so.

They may need to add something for the attackers, like the ability to repair the vehicles.



A fuck TON

We fought a group of Horde for a good hour today after the Tol Barad battle.  A paladin named Racknar, who had something like 30 ilevels on me, would practically one-shot me so any time I saw him headed in my direction I had to run like hell!  Getting hit by 1 kill for literally over 2 million damage is crazy.  I wanted to log into their server and say GG but it rankles a bit when someone outgears you so much and they can’t but help hit you for a fuckton of damage naturally.

Trying to get back into World Defending….

The mage isn’t the best for it but it’s all I got on Sargeras.

I see this paladin, and a DK off in the distance, just before I’m about to port out in Lakeshire.


We tussle on the roof a bit, but I had to float down to avoid dying on top of something.

A paladin and rogue joined in and we won , so close for me!



Then we killed him on rez for funsies. Good times.

Worse than Timeless Isle

Back during MoP, gear out in the world got extremely unbalanced.  The best pvp gear level was 550, but raiders could get to 580ish.  That meant they could destroy pvpers very quickly, we’re talking 3 globals.  I personally recall dying to a raid tier shadow priest on my resto druid in the span of a Silence, or getting destroyed with a penance or two by a disc priest on my 550 hunter.

Timeless Isle was a real problem on pvp servers in particular, because raiders were gods and could kill pvpers like it was nothing.  I didn’t ever want to see THAT again.

But, here we are.  I’m around 935 ilevel on my mage and priest, but if I run into say, a warlock who is 960ish, they can melt me and NOTHING I can do will save me, I can’t even outheal the damage.  On top of that, you can have someone hit you even at the same item level or close, and take you to 20% health before you know it.  It’s pretty bad.

Though I will say out in Tol Barad, with the exception of that raiding warlock, I’ve still been doing ok.

But, it makes me want to raid just to keep up, it’s frustrating.  It’s totally not fair for me to do that, or have a raider do that either but here we are, again.

Streets are uneven when you’re down

I’ve been having fun in Tol Barad lately, although often times it’s very heavily leaning towards Alliance, every once in a while we get a good battle with Horde.


But, I’ve been feeling rather isolated in the game lately.  I haven’t had a raid team in a long while, and Time Lords has been dead for months.  I quit SPM and I didn’t think too hard about it until I was listening to someones stream.  Lots of grouping for various activities; something I haven’t had in months.

I looked at my friends list and, so many people who just never message me or ask to do anything, ever.  It got e-depressing looking at that so I deleted most of my friends list.  Anyone I hadn’t talked to or played with in months was removed.  I don’t know how it makes any kind of sense but it feels better to not look at 20 people who don’t ever contact me.