Actual Noob

Created a new Ertheria and wow leveling is fast now.  I went from 1-20 in no time at all, up to 40 in another few hours of playing, and 52 after about 3 casual days.  Quests now give A TON of experience, as opposed to something you aren’t even sure you earned because it was so low.


I just wish I could keybind my spells to my regular keys like E G F and such.  You can actually move with WASD now but if the skills are still up in the function ranges, that’s super awkward.

I’ve been given level appropriate armor via the queen in mail, which is good because no one has talked to me or invited me to a clan yet, even at 52.  I did have one person attack me, for no reason though.


I can’t tell if everyone is just botting or what.  Not even a hi yet.

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