I’m an Ashran BADDY

I actually got into an Ashran yesterday, and ran into Mistwidget.


It was us two (heals), a severely undergeared and clueless DK, another DK tank, and a fifth-seventh slots which kept leaving constantly when they saw we weren’t winning.  Horde was ROLLING us. We couldn’t counter their group of entirely rogues and ferals.  The decent DK raged out calling us the WORST ASHRAN PLAYERS EVER and then I got treated to this little bit:


So yeah, we have our fail groups too.

Then as it happens, I got into a Hydra premade Ashran a few days ago. I tried to tell my group it was a premade but got a lot of “you can’t premade you idiot” and “STFU” and “you’ve been muted Coquette”.  Uh huh.  Then I got the flying book, got the relic for us, and everything turned around.


Sure, NOW I’m awesome. Whatever. The amount of raging I get for healing or trying to explain things in Ashran is staggering.

Oh and had to get this guy before taking invite!


And, ROFL.


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