Signs a Guild Isn’t Going to Work for Me

A warrior by the name of Greengable contacted my monk the other day



They didn’t know what Disney rules meant.   I had to run outside during this because someone knocked on the door.  This leads me to my first pet peev.


1)  People that assume the negative because you didn’t immediate respond.


No, it’s not a “no” because I didn’t answer you instantly.  But it could end up that way. I had a bad feeling about it but I accepted anyway, because sometimes I’m curious like that.

Later that day I logged in and queued right away for Ashran.  A DK named Satage asked if I was a healer.  Yep.  I get asked to join their raid group. They throw an invite.  I don’t like that; don’t send me an invite without getting a yes from me. I let it hang there and ask ” a raid for what?”

Quorra, who I’m taking a wild guess might be the parent to Satage, says they are getting new 100’s gear in High Maul, normal. Ew.  I tell them I’m in a queue for Ashran.  Satage replies “get out”.

Haha, excuse me?  2)


People (read: children) who want you to drop whatever you are doing, to do what THEY are doing, nope.


I was already promoted to “8 Get’n 2 no U”, apparently ranks are given by being helpful.  Yeah I don’t care about ranks.  They just strike me as odd.  One of them asked for a dungeon run, and I replied “I’m in Ashran” and they said “thanks for letting me know”.  It’s polite and all that… it’s just a weird polite.  The DK also ending up failing the raid about 20 minutes in, and started saying he was crying and raging about it, crying about his dps, his gear, didn’t understand gems and enchants, and basically being emo as hell.  Yeah this is going to be awesome.




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