Ashran is so Toxic

Ashran is pretty toxic, I swear it’s probably worse than the worst bg I’ve ever been in.

me: Oh wow, an hour queue to get into a group of 4 people?
player:  STFU and stop QQ

player: Are you new to this game?
Me: No why
player: you have no arena rating, you must be brand new

Players: bunch of baddies in here, probably don’t even have 1200 arena rating!!

Player 1: Amazing heals Coquette/Mistmedic!
Me: Hey thanks!
Player 2:  Oh please, they suck, I never got a heal, they are trash.  They have less healing than the DK.
Our healers suck, they are garbage, wish we could kick them, what on earth are the healers doing, bunch of baddies, I never get heals, ever, you guys suck.

And heaven forbid someone gets the AA, the toxicity rains down from the skies in a never ending torrent.

DK gets it:  Noooo not melee, the DK is undergeared!! (has half CP gear) omg baddie give it to a ranged, everyone report the DK for cheating, report him report him!!!

Hunter gets it:  Omg hunter such a baddie, he’s not doing anything, he’s not even with the group (he was), GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO ISN’T BAD OMG


Hunter gets it and tries to avoid dying to 40 horde but can’t: Stupid hunter, lost the AA, so bad, kick the hunter, report as cheating, report afk!!

Basically if any healer gets it, melee, anyone not with the best gear, or barely any  arena rating, isn’t with the group for a second, happened to get mirked by horde, oh boy you are in for a rough time.

Makes me want to stay out in the nice, peaceful world.



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