Assholes in full effect

Hit TB to do the dailies, and man, the asshole were in full effect today.  I call out if anyone wants to group for the dailies, no takers.  I run up to kill Largo and there’s already a stack of people waiting.  I invite the alliance standing around, and miss the spawn 3x as the horde get to it first.  A flagged horde shaman, by the name Ukku I believe, who I see a lot in pvp comes up and I kill them.  They come right back and blast me off the tower, and throwing levitate throws me so far out in the water I hit Fatigue and it takes a good 30 seconds of running back to clear it.  Fing shamans.  By then my party had all ditched me.

Back up in the tower I invite a shaman named Jenesis, a paladin, and another person.  While I’m waiting on like, the 6th spawn on this mob, a dwarf hunter I did not see takes it from us, and when I /say GOD DAMN IT they say something about people being assholes and how I should have invited them. DICK.   I did not see the damn obscured SMALL DWARF behind the giant Draenei paladin I had invited.  I reply “I did not see you little dwarf” but he assholes down the stairs.

The other players ditch after that and I asked Jenesis if they wanted to continue the rest of the quests, and they do.


We get to talking about raids, arena, pvp, etc and I end up making a friend. They say they have a rogue main and their husband plays a paladin.  My two favorite classes!

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