I forgot which day it was, but Stout and I got epic gloves drop off Tank, the shark, in Tol Barad.  I gave them to my mage since they were suited for a nuker class more.  So now we both have 1 purple item.

I ran Tol Barad quite a bit the other day, and it seems like a lot of our problems are people not understanding the fight at all.  I keep explaining it as, it’s like Arathi if all the bases were already taken and your side has to take and hold them, all at once.  But over a much larger map.  I see Rayzo quite a bit in these battles, and I wave and such but I’m not sure he remembers who I am.

Today we start off doing Baradin’s Hold, which reminds me quite a bit of the cell-like area that raid boss in Rune Castle, in L2, was kept.  Someone takes out a Guild Page who, unlike the previous squires, looks adult.  I also buy one and get the pets achievement.  Someone says something about having a ‘man toy’ and I joke “that’s how I likes ’em” and say it would be even funnier if it was under “mounts” rather than companions.


Before the raid we get to try out the goblin bbq thing, which seems a little steep in mat cost to keep putting out.


I could have sworn I took a screenshot of the boss, but it’s not in my folder so I guess I did not.

Afterwards we ran Blackwing Descent and shortly after midnight, finally killed Magmaw.  I started off as a raid healer then got put on tank duty.  Still with the tricks holy gets disc shields, which recently got boosted, would have to be pretty good to get past Chakra and such.


It dropped two epics, a leather thing and a mage dagger.  I think a loot council works better than just rolls, which is what this guild is doing, since it takes into account attendance, raid performance, etc.  Having someone show up for the first time,   be annoying and win something over a person that is there all the time, is not really fair.

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