Can we please start on time?

Last night I asked if the raid would start at 9 and it should have, only Onenight (the GM) did not show up nor posted that he would not show up. Our tank, Shellblock, ended up being an hour late. I was not pleased at standing around for an hour waiting for people.

We brought the resto druid I invited from a random ginvite the other day too, Lunais. I think that’s because we had no other options, though they did ask to raid. They were offline for much of the trash ‘fixing add ons’, died a lot to ‘lag’, crashed a bunch and ended up switching computers. I didn’t see tranq go off at all during Megaera when it should have, didn’t see swiftmend during Rampage, numbers should have been higher on Tortos (I was holy that fight) and some trash pulls when he was online, was doing less healing than Angie as dps or Silly.

But, first raid.. I guess we’ll see.

Used a token on Oondasta, Nalak, and Horridon, gold gold gold.

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