Wasn’t I just on another continent?

So I found out today, if you try to sneak into WG, since I never, ever get called in any more, like now, and it throws you out, you go back to fucking STORMWIND.  It’s like um? Could you at least put me back on the continent I was on?

I was running around Eastern Plaguelands when I queued up for pvp with Janusz and some people, and half way through the AB battle for no reason I get thrown back to Eastern Plaguelands. WTH?  Then it shows I have the deserter buff. RAGE!

While I’m waiting out THAT bullshit I check out Light’s Hope Chapel which has been upgraded and Tirion has a statue up now.

So in the meantime I pick up a quest from the Chapel area and take one of those double person rockets off!


By the time that flight it up we queue again and get EotS and win! 141 honor and I only died once.

Next WSG, no death, 84 honor, win! 3/3 flags

Then AV, win, 117 honor.

Next Strand, 103 honor! Wee.  Nilvana joined up during AV and it’s fun running with groups of people, though I tend to focus more on them rather than random people, obviously.

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