ICC Achievements

Early in the day I log in and have a party between Leonz and his shape shifting orb and Maice, who has his up but I didn’t get a shot of it.  Regardless I am dancing with a paladin and a tank so it’s fun!


Tonight we’re doing 10 man ICC to pick up some achievements. We do the Full House achievement for Lady Deathwhisper, though it takes a number of tries.


All goes well until Sindragosa, where a hard fight that we all hate, gets even harder.  Apparently one of them is having one tank, and one healer, which is me however I get Unchained Magic repeatedly every time for 2 attempts. We go back to 2 healers since this is not going well but we wipe a few times more.  We’re doing it on heroic, so yuck.

At one point I die ON an ice block and it makes for  a funny death.


It gets late and people are probably drunk, so after about 2 hours of trying we call it.  Heroic Sindragosa sucks.

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