I really need repairs

At this point Darion sends me to Orgimmar which should be interesting since the only time I’ve been there was to raid.  And I really, really need repairs.


Then I get to experiance the usual bout of insults and food being thrown at me from the guards.


and since Thrall is gone, I get to visit Garrosh.  Turning in that quest gets me Friendly with Orgrimmar.  Now I need a repair. Fortunately all that damage only cost me 7g.


I then decide to run some battlegrounds to see how it goes.  We’re much more organized and I get several achievements related to pvp, I get an EotS victory.  4 killing blows, 54 HK’s,  and 45 honor.


They remark how bad alliance is, which is sort of true unfortunately.  In that one battleground I earned the Honorable Kill, Know Thy Enemy, The Grim Repear and Eye of the Storm Victory achievements.  I queue again and get EoTS, we lose, 17 honor with 58 HK’s and 7 killing blows, but I ding 59, yay.

The next one is Arathi Basin and for some reason, only one alliance is allowed in so I’m able to get the Arathi Basin Victory, Arathi Basin Perfections, and Let’s Get This Done achievements in one swoop.



I queue up for another BG, but 20 minutes later I still haven’t gotten anything. I log out.

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