Just Stop

I try out my damage disc spec in a battleground, and we win, I get 142 honor but I am not finding a good balance between healing and dpsing.  I decide to set up my second spec to pick up the more pvp related disc talents instead.

I queue for a Strand and we get destroyed in like 4 mins flat.  Well at least it was quick.  Then I queue again, hit the button to go in, but get throws from the middle of the Trade District to the Cathedral Square.   Weird.

Next one, IoC, loss.

Then Strand and a win, 93 honor.  And I’m fairly certain, that this was about me.


Log into another IoC and we’re losing, like as I log in.  Horde already has the gates down, like 20 players inside, and it’s over. 32 honor.  I still don’t understand how I got 3 honor that one BG.

Next one, AB, loss, 21 honor. We’re playing like idiots like usual.

I then queue up for a dungeon and getone where the druid can’t stop saying lesbians.  I said something about being less obvious about being 12 years old and it stopped.


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