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Fingernails on a chalkboard

I’d like to think, that other than ranting and raving here, I’m pretty calm in game.  I don’t throw things or scream or whatever.  But man.  When someone pulls an Ironclaw/Cinor/Frostrated I see red so fast my head spins.

Someone named Danish in my new guild was forming a group for Ashran, I left mine and joined them.  Only… one person was doing arena.  One was in a bg.  Uh, looks like we’re not ready.

He says to queue as merc, so I do.  None of the party is in there, and about 60 seconds later Danish decides to leave and starts forming up for battlegrounds.

Red.  RED.

I’ll run losing bgs/pvp with people for a decent amount of time, but holy fuck if you rage quit on me, we’re going to have problems.


So this DK, randomly spits on me at the start of a SoTA.


Then he swaps appearance with me and tells me now he’s ugly.  Uh, ok?

In the same battle we had a druid not only with rez sickness, but with all broken gear.  He went from 60k hp to around 200k after the sickness wore off.  He was from Moonguard so I harassed him pretty much endlessly about coming into a bg like that.  We still won, though.


Then I randomly ran into Caithis, who I’ve done the AV battles with, in another Strand.


Another  btag add (Gimmung).

Paper Gear

Haven’t had this happen in… ever?  Rogue starts carrying on about how my gear is “paper” even though I’m in combatants blues and 1 primal epic.  WoWScrnShot_061915_092311


Then I think, the druid was also mocking my rating.  In.. a random bgs.  The lowest form of pvp.  Ok then.


I went on to not die at all until midway through the match, with top heals.  One of the other rogues thanked me at the end too.

Because I don’t want to!!

I opened up my basic garrison on my monk, which is my third 100 but fifth character to get through the beginning Draenor stuff.



I needed to get to Ashran to buy my pvp gear, but I didn’t have the portal tower yet,  hadn’t done the quest line to get the flight path there, and couldn’t quite figure out how to get it.  Kept having these silly convos.


Me: I need a portal to Ashran, I will tip.

Trade: You have it in your level 3 garrison.

Me: I didn’t level it

Trade: Well why not?

Me: Because I don’t want to

Trade: LOL

I FINALLY got a mage to do it, but it took asking several times over  a couple attempts, in a couple of areas.  So dumb.

Speaking of



horde bgs are TERRIBLE!  Like bad, if not worse than Alliance has been over the years.  This Twin Peaks for example, at the start we only had 9 people for about 3 minutes.


Then we lost a bunch and were down to 6-7 for another minute or so.  Needless to say, we lost.  We got GY camped so hard I just stayed a ghost for 4 minutes.

We won this one, and this just made me laugh.




This didn’t go well either.  We lost, down to 0 reinforcements, and getting camped at every single GY we were allowed to get.


Dungeons were bad too, on the 3rd boss in Skyreach, not once but TWICE the tank stopped tanking to go chase the adds, leaving the boss to Screach a ton of AOE damage, and none of the ranged were killing the adds, forcing the rogue to chase after them.  The shadow priest literally stated “I was running away from that bird for 3 minutes!!” I reminded them SHADOW IS DPS!!



Weirdest Rage Tell Thus Far

A level 97 rogue was killing npcs in Honor Hold, and then harassing people at the towers.  I went feral to try to deal with it but he kept bouncing around on his flying mount, only landing long enough to see someone make a move and then flying off.  Ok well whatever.  All I could do is drop a moonfire or two.

Then I got a random rage-tell from an alliance hunter basically “ha ha damn all you 100’s can’t get me LOL so sad HA HA HA”.

I dropped a MOLL-E and shot off an email expressing confusion over gloating about running non-stop.  You can’t really get over on someone by flying around in the air.



Then got into an argument with a stupid hunter who rage-quit the raid in Ashran because he didn’t like “the leader”.



and people love my world defending at times.