Fingernails on a chalkboard

I’d like to think, that other than ranting and raving here, I’m pretty calm in game.  I don’t throw things or scream or whatever.  But man.  When someone pulls an Ironclaw/Cinor/Frostrated I see red so fast my head spins.

Someone named Danish in my new guild was forming a group for Ashran, I left mine and joined them.  Only… one person was doing arena.  One was in a bg.  Uh, looks like we’re not ready.

He says to queue as merc, so I do.  None of the party is in there, and about 60 seconds later Danish decides to leave and starts forming up for battlegrounds.

Red.  RED.

I’ll run losing bgs/pvp with people for a decent amount of time, but holy fuck if you rage quit on me, we’re going to have problems.

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