I’m all over the place

Moved my druid, again.  I’m now on Bleeding Hollow and about to join Alliance Vanguard, which came from our nights with running with them as Stormpike Militia.


So, bye Whisperwind, at least for this druid.


Stormpike Militia came about after Hydra was using full premades to stomp Alliance in AV.  That alone wasn’t too bad but they would push ally to one GY and just AOE farm them, laugh and such, count how many rage-quits they caused, and post about how much they were tromping RANDOM PUGS constantly.  They would also use things like Mind Control to throw people out of the portal, causing the deserter debuff entirely against the other players will.

Now that last thing actually got the portal fixed so you CAN’T DO THAT any more.

They also caused a lot of shenanigans in Ashran by gaming the ‘loser buff’ by pushing it to high levels, intentionally losing events, and using it to crush the other team, who often had absolutely no chance to win.  There’s not much you can do with a team with something like 250% damage and healing, on top of that, being in an organized group on voice-comm, and generally also with Artifact.

There was also the little problem of pre-mades being disabled in 6.2, but Hydra and others using various methods to get 40 people into the desired Ashran instance anyway.  They liked to say it was by design but if that were so, it would have worked like in 6.1.  By design is not “join group, join queue, queue pop, leave group, take pop”.  Fuck off if you think it is, because STUPID.

But yeah.  Currently I have a rogue on Ghostlands, thanks to Kuraha, a monk on Thunderhorn thanks to DogsofWar, mage gnome and paladin on Sargeras because frankly I found Sargeras people to be more cool than.. other servers?  Hunter on Mal’ganis because of Barnowl, and all the rest still on Whisperwind because of Stoutspectre all those years ago.



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