Weirdest Rage Tell Thus Far

A level 97 rogue was killing npcs in Honor Hold, and then harassing people at the towers.  I went feral to try to deal with it but he kept bouncing around on his flying mount, only landing long enough to see someone make a move and then flying off.  Ok well whatever.  All I could do is drop a moonfire or two.

Then I got a random rage-tell from an alliance hunter basically “ha ha damn all you 100’s can’t get me LOL so sad HA HA HA”.

I dropped a MOLL-E and shot off an email expressing confusion over gloating about running non-stop.  You can’t really get over on someone by flying around in the air.



Then got into an argument with a stupid hunter who rage-quit the raid in Ashran because he didn’t like “the leader”.



and people love my world defending at times.


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