Dragonsoul 25m Heroic

I ran Dragon Soul the other night to get Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps (get it, DPS!) which I think looks lovely with my transmog.


Ravenshield helped me do that, and practically solo’d spine.  I died from 50% to dead in those tentacle stuns. Sigh.

That blood elf priest, Aerith something or other, keeps being an ass in Westfall.  I reported them last time for what I guessed was the following workflow a few months back.

Queue up a dungeon. Wait for it to pop.

Kill quest npcs, causing player to be flagged for pvp.

Immediately take dungeon queue.  Flag washes off.

Ditch dungeon (or bg), come back unflagged. Repeat.

Rejoice in the fact that no one can kill you unless super quick.


They were gone for a while, but I saw, and reported them again last night. They switched it up though.

Come to Westfall unflagged.

Penance Farmer Saldean to death.

IMMEDIATELY pop Spectral Guise (drops combat)

Immediately log out.


I’m still on the fence of the last step they are taking though.  I’m pretty sure it’s a log out, because I pounce/raked her the second she flagged and she didn’t die even with 3 other 90’s dog-piling on her, so I think it’s a force log of some sort.  She also doesn’t come back on kitty-radar after the duration of guise should be done.

You can kill the npcs all day long, that’s fine.  Just don’t be a shit and avoid punishment by flaking game mechanics. Even bubble-hearth or that invincibility talisman requires you hearth and spend travel time coming back. What this person is doing isn’t proper.


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