Adding People Faster!

Lately I’ve been adding people to my btag list faster than I can ever recall.  I need to write these down to remember the circumstances.

Hugs (Modakka), Dk I met when trying to find the Unborn Valk pet.  Ended up helping me look for one.

Ravenshield (Ravenshield), a warrior who commented on my paladins transmog as I stood around Stormshield, who helped me find a good 2 handed transmog (Claymore of the Prophet) then we did some bgs together.

Bunky (Crizunk), paladin who was cheeky in a dungeon I was healing on my druid, ended up talking a lot and doing some dungeons/bgs.  Started up healing contents to make horrible bgs a little less awful.

(Blackbeltkid) I forget the character name, but a shadow priest on Sargeras who helped my paladin kill a bunch of rares.

Stardancer (Star), a rogue who I met while questing on Sargeras who helped me quest.

Westmoreland (Okumsup), rogue I met on Sargeras who I PM’d telling him the group was full.  That led to a discussion about my name, the Korra show, and so on.

Shankashank (Xeno) Low level rogue I met on Whisperwind on my druid, who watched me kill a DK and a warrior who was attacking Darkshire.


Besides all that, bgs have been somewhat of a fuck story. Hunters are insane, DKs are insane, and CC is only different on casters, who got screwed.  Melee and hunters, all the same if not worse.  Then there’s crap like this in Ashran:


Where Horde on Whisperwind farms ALL the events, then summons 20+ captains and Kronus.

I still do enjoy my dances with rogues though.  Kited these two pretties all over the map.


Even stopped to root, cyclone and /dance with one 😉


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