Queue to Queue to Queue

I get queues are needed but man.  I run to Ashran to queue.  That will take a while so I queue for a bg.  Those have been around 6 minutes lately.  Double-queued up, now what? Can’t do much of anything else because either can pop at any time.  They are supposed to fix Ashran at least, by making it be more like a bg and open more instances.  I’m sad about that though because I thought it would be a persistent zone like Wintergrasp, only open all the time, and only for your server.  I want to play with people that come all the time like the old days.

I met, SO many people that way.  Fratricide, Ladiesman, Acks, Whitescourge, Zukk, Perfide, Rexe, Sealgaer, Darkest, and, yeah. A lot.

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