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Double Your Pleasure

With Double Deserter.


Yes, Horde is THAT bad.

They have no heals, they have no damage.  People have no gear.  I get smashed by 3-5 ally no matter where I go on the map.  It’s exactly like it was when my monk was still horde, in fact.   I daresay it’s worse than the worst I’ve seen Alliance back in the day.


Then I’m seeing team comps like this:

WoWScrnShot_092915_211647  WoWScrnShot_092815_211621WoWScrnShot_092215_211505

It’s like geez.  Other than the MULTIBOXING Dk, what the really heck?

Carpet Matches the Drapes

I wish we had a transmog manager where we could change an entire transmog just like equipment manager.  I was wearing the Dragonslayer set on my Horde hunter,


but when I pulled our Skarr again, and one of my favorite bows, I said hey!  My bow matches Skarr!!  Then I decided to do a transmog that matches my pet!



I still need to earn enough honor for the boots, or find a different pair though.  True-black is hard to find in this game.  But man I forgot how much fun hunters are.


Speaking of horde, they have some brutal things happening around Frostfire Ridge.


This guy is being eaten, alive presumably, by wolves.




Oh.. ouch ouch?