EllieBelly the Death Knight

I know, funny name for a DK huh?

Anyway today I decided to log in, and unfortunately I haven’t chronicled my progress to this point, which involved a lot of deliciously evil tasks I’ve been doing.  But now I will!

I started out picking up the Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide quest from Prince Keleseth where I need to kill Mayor Quimby (Simpons reference!) in New Avalon, and along the way, slay its inhabitants.


Deathgrip, is so wicked.  Here’s my dragging a marksman to his death.


While I’m in the Mayors place, everyone around him in whining and complaining, just like real life! I kill him.


and take his documents.  I head back to Keleseth and he gives me a “persuader” to extract the truth from some people.


I run around being evil and killing people just because.


I head back to Noth the Plaguebringer, the same one you can kill in Naxx and turn in one of my quests.  What I especially love about this game, is that you really don’t have mindless NPCs that just stand around and do nothing with no back story.  This guy is a raid boss but also has a history and storyline and other things “to do” than just stand around and get killed.

Anyway I throw the skulls in the cauldron and it bubbles and smokes and I get my reward. Gross. I bet it smells terrible.

I equip Keleseths “persuaders” and start beating on the Crimson Dawn people. I get to say all kinds of terrible things while I’m at it. And this guy, well his text is just funny. Jesusth Christh.


Then finally someone cracks and confesses. He dies from the torture, aww. I head back to Keleseth and ding 57. I’m waiting for him to say “Were you EVER a threat” like from the Blood Prince Council raid. I love this boss.


I continue doing quests and see some other  familiar names like Orbaz who I found in one of my quest videos, Thassarian who has a comic with him in it and is on the Skybreaker, but Koltira I haven’t run into yet.  In the inn there are already other death knights here. I get a good look at Orbaz here as well, which I didn’t get to do in my fight because he had been kicking my ass, on my mage.


While I’m standing around Orbaz and Thassarian bitch back and forth at each other.


I go find Koltira, who doesn’t look happy.


He wants me to tear off the priests head.  Ok then! He goes and puts on his armor, wooo!  Oh, this is AWESOME, he puts up an anti magic shield to help me in battle. Very cool!


Then he runs off saying he’ll draw their fire to help me out. I like this guy. I die anyway because I was too busy staring rather than following but what can you do.


Then I head out to a Chapel already being burned by other death knights and get a quest from Plaguefist to kill a prisoner.


and of course Blizzard makes it wonderfully personal and sad, as it should be.


The next quest, I get to put up a prop tree to hide behind before I murder the courier. Wicked!


After I turn that in, I get disguised as one of the Scarlet people.  However, I need a break so I’ll stop here for now.


Now I am able to safely run around all these Scarlet people because they see me as friendly.  Well I won’t die as much now. As I finish this quest I ding 58. Orbaz gives me a portal to go back to Darion.



He sends me off and I see the Lich King isn’t where he was before, and I hear him talking on the ground below.


I get to fly on a frost wyrm and kill lots and lots of people! I take many deaths doing this, it’s near impossible to dodge fast moving arrows.


I head off to Light’s Hope Chapel, which is where the epic battle and cinematic will occur. yay!


But why does Tirior already have the cleansed Ashbringer?  Darion should still be holding the corrupted one here I thought.

Soon after I take that shot, they all vanish. Hm.  A bit after it resets, the enemy all shows up and kills me. Great. I die twice getting out of that and half my gear is red from that and the frost wyrm bombing when I died over and over. . and over by one of the Alliance guys with a wicked aggro range while trying to watch the event.  I think this may be buggy, since I have no chance at killing that guy and he catches you if you are even remotely near the area.



I’m not the only one as two other DKs are there, also dead. We get the quest done and learn Death Gate though, so now I can repair my all red gear.

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