Alliance loses a lot

Queued for BGs and got IoC which is so bugged the only thing that works to get down gates, is holding the docks. The Hangar is still bugged and the Workshop apparently. We lose, 46 honor.

Next is AB, everyone leaves me alone at LM, and we lose. 42 honor.

I get on a WG and the horde rolls us with 9 vehicles, and no one is really defending even though I call out breaches and we lose. Sigh.

Then Strand, we lose, 37 honor. I am running with a guildie today, Janusz.

We run AB and lose so bad I only get 3 honor. THREE.

We win the next AB but I still have only 34 honor.

Then AV and 137 honor with a win! woo!

Last one is IoC, a loss, 47 honor. I believe I have made an arena partner out of this though, so that’s good news.

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