You have a solid case

This afternoon I run a WSG and we win, 3/3 and I earn 153 honor, 57 HK’s, no killing blows.

Next one, WSG, a win, 93 honor there though, 2 killing blows, 2 deaths, 37 HKs.  3/3 flags again.  We spent some time camping their graveyard and I have a little convo with this gnome:


Then I queue up for WG and wait 14 mins for it to pop. I get in and we have 6 people that gradually increased to about 11.  We got the relic room door down to about half and then lost.  I was unable to build anything more than a cata even though I killed 2 horde npcs, and assisted killing 2 horde players.  Also the problem we ran into,  when we were knocking down the inner doors, something like 8 guards spawned, so 8 of them plus 11 horde players outnumbered us on foot trying to defend the sieges.  Still it was quite close.  The vehicles really do need more armor since we have this giant battleground for like 10 people these days.

Having a healer like myself also, again, is quite obviously a huge advantage.  This does you no good in vehicles, however.  I hate to say it but I am starting to not like queuing for WG.  If the sides were balanced at a full raid group per full raid group, that would be ok.  But fighting 5 to 5 people makes it impossible to both defend towers, while defending vehicles or driving vehicles  and killing the enemy on foot.  It’s not fun, any more, without enough people to defend towers, try to break towers, take workshops, defend vehicles, etc.

I also picked up the 264 pvp bracers and finally used those to replace the 245 Royal Moonshroud bracers I’ve been using since the day I hit 80 and the 245 pvp bracers I was using.

I queue up for a dungeon, and the lines are still rather long and I have to wait over 5 minutes.  I know all the dps are like, QQ more with their 20 minute waits, but usually healers are much faster.

I get PoS with a tank who says he is new to tanking and not geared, and I lost him at Garfrost and lose the warlock when he stands in the poison nova on the second boss.  I DC when my stupid computer shuts down on the ramp but they seem to survive that.   I then lose the tank on the ice ramp because he gets out of my range and loses health very fast, constantly. I almost lose him again on Tyrannus when he blips down to 10% health in like a second, but somehow manage to outheal it. We finish, yay. Frustrating.

I get WSG as the random BG, again. Someone says to control mid but then everyone runs around like usual, leaving the horde to destroy me and the 2 people trying to control mid. We lose.  30 honor.  0 killing blows, 10 deaths, 14 hk’s.  Moonfire spam, is bullshit.

Next is Arathi, and we lose, 34 honor. I go to bed.

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