Forge of Souls

Logged in and farmed herbs in WG until the battle came up. For some reason all I was getting was Goldclover though. WG popped and like last time I nearly killed a hunter, but they were able to run away from me and I could not catch up, until they ran back to their friends and I died. Oh well. For whatever reason when I was on foot there were no horde npcs for me to rank up on at Flamewatch, but when I came back with a catapult, boom they were there. WTF? I ended up going back to the fort and healed, and helped assist breaking down the sieges as they came in. The horde was pretty bad and unable to defend their vehicles even with equal numbers in the fort and we won.

Later I get in and get WSG, and I appear to be the only healer, and I do very well, and we win, 154 honor.

I then run Forge of Souls and Gun Drak to get some rep with my SW tabard on.

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