Binding heal use to be bogus

Today I started out in WG farming for herbs, and hit the queue as it first opened and queued for it. However when the time ticked down I was thrown out to just outside the area. Well at least that wasn’t back to SW. This is quite bogus though, almost never being able to get into WG. I did not get in at all, and horde took WG.

Later I came back in and queued for it, while key binding another spot for Binding Heal. Now I just have to “learn” where it is so I don’t have to think about it when I need it. I get in on WG and we have 16 people in the raid. I said in raid I didn’t think we’d get it because the horde is traveling in their usual packs breaking up vehicles, but even though I died many times, we do capture it! I then humbly retract my statement and note what an awesome job that was.

I also /thank a shadow priest by the name of Nynaeeve who stopped to help me kill 2 horde that were chasing me.

That night I go BGing with Janusz at Arathi Basin and it’s all wins. And he rolls in kitty form, I like kitties, it’s all good XD

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