Whisperwind is Full – Cataclysm

So ! I got my Cata box, licensed up and logged in to play.



I get in then chill out at the docks waiting for a boat, listening to the Stormwind Soldiers talking, with real voices, about the visit Deathwing made to the area.


And the NPC Budd, hilarious, dude, really. Love it!  And Mack Fearson, really, omg.  Fun already and I haven’t even done anything!  Bud leaps off the ship after a “shiny” LOL

Then some tentacles pop out of the water, grab me, throw me around and I sink unconcious into the water.  One of those earthen defenders show up and bubble me to safety.


and I go out and do the same thing for the drowning people.


The first armor quest I get, doesn’t have a single reward I can use.  Mail, Leather, and an axe. Bogus.

After a few quests we do one where we try to defend the ship, and a gol DANG naga takes me captive.


When I get dropped off I’m tasked with riding a sea turtle, only shortly after I get it, a Shark eats it out from underneath me. DAMN.

The Giblin (yes, like that) Collectors say funny things too like “What’s it got in its pockets? Hmm?” which is vaguely from The Hobbit. This whole area feels quite a bit like a new launch of a game, with people swiping every herb I see pop up, every quest item, before I can even get there.

Then I subdue an angry sea horse and receive it as a mount.



I take a quest where I find out if a smugglers cove is safe for someone, signal them to come in then finish the quest.


I also rescue the funny guy from earlier, Mack Fearson,  and the captain. I really, really hate to pry myself away from the game though, and go to bed XD

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