This morning I log back into the cave, then head out to get my quests.  I find Budd, from yesterday, in a diving suit with a quest available.  Apparently he is still looking for “Shinies”!

The quests I am working on today involve more salvaging and helping people survive underwater.

This was a good one though, baiting explosives into food and blowing up a GIANT SHARK.



Apparently seeing how the bomb didn’t kill the shark is not putting off this guy though and he wants me to risk myself to get whatever he’s going after. The quest name is DUN-dun-DUN-dun-DUN-dun.. lol  I run out with a chain and catch the shark, then fire a giant harpoon at it.



Unfortunately now Budd is a bit… thinner.


but we break the item he had while he “looks the other way” and he’s back to normal.  Apparently it was cursed.

Then it’s off to use a scrying thing to find Private Pollard and you get a preview of how to get where he is, only it’s quite a distances from where you are.

After that I get to ride  SHARK to eat naga, wonderful!


Later on I rescue the soldiers bubbled by the naga…


fight the naga warden….


and get to see an awesome vision with a (damn) troll


and fight off swarms of naga


also once in a while a giant wave washes over the cave I am in, and the effect in motion is AWESOME. It also blows everyone BACK.


Then I get to mow down fleeding naga with a spear!  I tried to get a good picture of that but it didn’t work out.  But it was massively fun!


This quest involved running around to air sources, which bubbled up from various places, and filling this balloon up.


This one is just me killing a bunch of cool eel things.  My priest, oddly enough, does better at surviving melee damage than my mage.  Of course I am running around in my more defensive “pvp” disc spec too.

The rest of these, were just beautiful, absolutely amazing.


and this last one is me using Mind Vision on Kolorath, a giant boss that floats around randomly.  Level 85 elite.


A funny quest I did later, involved setting down a whirlwind and the swarming serpents get caught up in it, twirled around then die. I like that, creative.


Oh, and this item, it’s just funny.


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