Ugh the Lich King

Logged in and queue for WG, when I first popped in it was me and one other person.


but it worked its way up to 6 whole people later on.  It was very close, with the horde gathering up 6-8 vehicles at a time and nearly getting the relic door down, we end up winning with a combination of calling our incomings, people focusing on beating down the vehicles (which is easy with not enough people to defend the vehicles), staying close to the fort, with the minimum required to break down the towers.  So we won, but barely, but a win is a win.

Nearly me being in as a healer had a huge impact as I was the only one, and probably was a big part of our win.  Them not being able to be healed, and me healing people was a significant advantage.

I get in on another WG where we are defending and we’re doing better than ever now.  I run off more than once to start beating on a horde and receive assistance from several other ally  just in time to finish them off.


This mage got me once and then I ran after them later, and unfortunately for them they ran back towards me and into the loving arms of the Alliance and she was whooped down at least 3 times. We win, with the horde only making a token resistance.

Later that night I got on and totally forgot that we had a RS going on for Relentless.  We stand around trying to find people for like 40 mins which is my entire play time tonight.  Sigh.  I didn’t meant to raid tonight and I forgot I signed up. So we fart around not getting a tank for about an hour then call it.  Fine waste of time.

We decide to try for LK because they say the title will be taken out tomorrow, and claim we’ll get it no problem. The other priest complains we don’t need two disc priests so to prevent whining I switch to holy.  Despite the positive outlook, we   fail repeatedly during the Valks and Defile.  On the 5th or so attempt I get picked up, someone drops a Defile right under the Valk, and I get carried off and dropped to my death.


Shortly after the raid wipes again and I have to leave.  Pretty sure this is like my 100th fail raid, I mean really what are the chances? I may go play the lottery now. I log off in a bit of a huff.

My healing as holy wasn’t very high, but my overhealing was only about 20%, which in my experience is about 40% lower than what most holy priests do. I really don’t like to heal if nothing is incoming.

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