I get in and right away pop into a WG.  It was a lot of fun, I killed an orc hunter by myself and with the help of a shaman killed a paladin. Who I blew a kiss to but I forgot the name XD

We work together and communicate, helping defend the sieges and we take the fort back.

I join up for a VOA 25 only they get DPS and a few heals first and no tanks.  Then we have people saying stupid stuff like, I have a tank but I want to test my shammy dps. I say we need more dps like a hole in the head and go do that shit on a training dummy.  Then another guy says he has a tank that will be home in 5 mins, and about 15 mins later he says again they will be home in 5 mins.  I reply “5 mins, Turkish”

After all that fuss we wipe then everyone leaves. The problem appears to be healers, since only 3 people were doing heals. I asked if we can do a VOA 10 and the RL says they still want to do a 25.  I’m not waiting all that time again for another fail 25.  I leave.  40 mins totally wasted.

I queue up for a random dungeon and get boring old VH. Fortunately that is not fail.

After that I queue for a bg and get WSG. We lose that, 47 honor, and 2 killing blows for me. Rocking. I think rather than a holy off spec I’m gonna pick up the dps version of disc. I think I’ll like it.

I run a Strand bg as this spec, with my keybinds set up to mostly dps and some healing through penance, renew, shields, and will have to work in flash heal somewhere.  We win, 135 honor for me with 4 billing blows, 3 deaths, 21 HKs.  Not bad. I like this a lot.  Next one we lose, 46 honor, and my damage and healing is about equal.

I queue up for WG and get told to wait. I don’t get in.

I spend some time helping Maice get his Pilgrim achievements by getting turned into a turkey on some horde characters.


Later I queue again and have to wait, and get in when some walls are already down.  We end up losing the fort.

I run a WSG after that and we win, 3/3, I have 7 killing blows, 2 deaths, 71 HK’s and earn 113 honor.

After that is a EotS and we’re doing well but lose.  I think making larger  battlegroups, or just one (If forget what they did) helps a lot since we’re not always paired with solid pvp teams all the time now.  I think I ended up with like 40 honor. I love when people say “no one is healer” or “only so in so is healing” when I’m like the second higher in the entire BG and they don’t mention me.

I put off purchasing the PVP gloves for right now and buy a pvp off hand to replace my very old Shriveled Heart that I got in an ICC 5 man.  I still need an upgrade to my Royal Moonshround bracers that I put on the second I hit 80.   Doesn’t matter much with the expansion coming out soon but I’m still sore about not finding upgrades for those spots.  Using PVP items in PVE doesn’t make me happy.

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