So bad dude

I watched a fascinating video (  the other day about battleground bots, which I have noticed myself in the form of people who auto follow, stand and just keep renewing themselves, or people that just barely keep off the afk flag by running back and forth. What this guy pointed out about them earning more honor was very curious to me, I mean how does the game determine who gets what honor?

Before I get to that, I decided to set my talents to the Holy tree, so I’ll have disc and holy raiding abilities.  I test out my skills in battlegrounds like I usually do to get my key binds memorized before getting to any raids.  We get Strand and we lose, and I have earned only 40 honor, even as the top healer by about  100,000 hp.  My HK’s are only 24 but another alliance with the same HK’s as me, 7 more killing blows (I had zero naturally) also earned 40. Hm.   All in all I don’t do too badly, though I feel the lack of Penance just a bit.

I also run two WG’s, one on attack where we barely take it, another with excellent defense.


I spent a good part of my time at Broken Temple helping about 3-4 others break down any vehicles coming out of there, and we take it and I hop a trip back on a demo to the fort.


At one point along the roads I also got to do something I find very important, which is finding a person trying to kill a horde, someone no one is helping, and assist them survive the 1v1.  It appeared to be against a BE paladin too, though I didn’t catch the name, I popped him with a Penance at the end anyway and he died. We win at defending!  Recount shows 50% healing which I know isn’t 100% accurate here. But.  Still!

Later I log in, and seeing that only a few people are on, not even the raid leader, are on at 8:30 when the VOA or weekly was supposed to start, I get in a VOA 25 pug.  It goes well and we get all the bosses down.  During this, the whiner mage from guild leaves guild with no warning.  Yeah, I called that days ago. I hate mages.  Remind me to send Rexe flowers or something though. I miss out on the guild weekly again.

After VOA I run WG and again killed Omnist in the fort solo. Again!  Dude, terrible, seriously. I was disc spec.  We win!

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